On the mend

fiona_liamIn December last year my scanxiety was once again relieved as I was handed the report showing no evidence of disease. Three in a row—thank God the chemo was doing its job. Since then we’ve enjoyed some chemo-free time, spending close to five weeks on the coast. It was wonderful to spend time camping with family. Fiona, Grace, Marcus and I were joined at various times by Matt and Elizabeth, and Luke, Sharon, and Liam. How nice it was to enjoy hammock time with Liam, walks on the beach with Fiona, swims in the ocean, scrabble with family and friends, and the occasional fish.

pigeonhouse1Things felt better on a number of fronts. On my birthday in August, I declared that I wanted to lose a lot of weight before Christmas. I weighed in at 96.6kg on my birthday and 82kg at Christmas (currently 83.5 and still in the healthy weight range, despite Christmas eating habits!). Special thanks go to Michelle Bridges and her 12 week body transformation. One day early in the holidays, our family and close friends climbed Pigeon House Mountain. I don’t think my lungs have ever been so seriously tested. I thought I was going to keel over on the way up. But I made it to the top!pigeonhouse2Coming down was way easier, except for the impact on my ankles and knees, and the fact that I could barely walk for days afterwards. Who would have thought? Shuffling round the block two years ago—and now mountain climbing! Thank God.

My feet have continued to give me some grief with the neuropathy and the impact on muscles, tendons and ligaments around the ankles and calves. For this reason Fiona and I have been contemplating getting into some kayaking. Even if my feet aren’t working properly, we could enjoy paddling around rivers and lakes.

My new church responsibilities are seeing me travel to the Weston Creek region of Canberra most days. I’ve contemplated getting on a bicycle and enjoying the paths around the lake each morning and evening. So far I’ve only contemplated it because I will have to find a bike with some suspension if I’m going to enjoy it. My old thing is a bit hard on the body parts!

Last week Fiona and I enjoyed our first mid-week day off ever (I think). Well, 2/3 day off anyway. We went for a drive in the country, taking in Poachers Pantry, and stopping for a pizza in Gundaroo. It was excellent to spend this time on our own together, and we both agreed it would be even better if we were doing it on a motorcycle!

Please join with me in rejoicing at my health improvements. God has been very kind. I’d better go off to the gym now to do my circuit class with a bunch of others who are recovering from cancer.

(first published in macarisms.com on 19/2/14)

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