Looking for hope?

DaveDave is the author of the book Hope Beyond Cure. In December 2011 Dave was diagnosed with lung cancer. To be specific—stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer. The cancer was considered inoperable and incurable. Dave has responded well to three weekly chemotherapy treatment and is currently considered to be NED (no evidence of disease).

This site provides a link to the publisher’s website and online store if you are interested in purchasing the book. You will find many hope-filled articles reflecting on cancer, life and faith. You can scroll down to the bottom to follow this journey from the beginning. There are links to a number of other resources designed to inform and encourage people struggling on the journey with cancer.

Dave finds great encouragement in many different sources of hope, but ultimately in the hope that only God can offer—a hope beyond cure, beyond death itself, for all eternity.


Hope Beyond Cure
For those who are looking for a hope that is real
and a hope that lasts.

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